Sunday, 1 February 2015

A bit of this and that!

We have been staying close to home this week whilst the kitchen work has been going on and apart from three days at work I haven't been anywhere.

I have however been busy crocheting and reading. Firstly a colleague at work asked me if I would crochet up a kit she had received for Christmas as she doesn't crochet. This proved to me a bit of a challenge as the instructions were in German and Italian only. My school day German is extremely rusty and I have never studied Italian but thanks to Google I managed to track down an English version of the pattern.  

The kit was for a handbag made out of Zpagetti yarn crocheted on a 12.00 mm hook. This proved very hard on the hands as there was no stretch in the yarn at all. The pattern was quite easy to follow (even though it was written in Pigeon English) but my poor fingers really suffered making this. I was relieved when this was finished and that my colleague was pleased with it - if I was making it for myself I would have preferred it with straight sides but I don't think I will go out of my way to make another!

Next I picked up my coastal ripple, this is easy to pick up and put down so has been ideal to work on this week. I can work on this when I am watching TV as well.

I was rummaging around trying to find something in amongst my wool stash (of which I have far too much) and I came across a pile of squares that I made when I was on holiday last year and had intended making up into a cushion.  I had totally forgotten about it and seeing as how it is a Springtime inspired cushion I thought I had better get on with putting it together.

I now need to finish the back and then take a trip to Dunelm Mill to buy a cushion insert so hopefully I will soon have another finish.

I have also been reading during January, quite light reading to relax me into my semi-retirement.

The books I have read are:-

Hello From The Gillespies by Monica McInerney

This book centres around Angela Gillespie who lives with her family on a remote sheep station in Australia who sits down to write her usual Christmas email newsletter but this year instead of the usual rosy good news type of letter decides to unburden her soul and vent about her life.  This letter was not intended to be sent but her husband, attempting to be helpful, clicked on send on the email while Angela was distracted dealing with an accident to her son.  The book deals with the fallout that the family had to deal with once the letter was sent. A fairly long book and a pleasant read with lots of twists and turns.

Broadchurch by Erin Kelly and Chris Chibnall

I read this mainly to refresh my memory as the second series has just started on TV. I was pleased that I did as I had forgotten quite a lot of the detail and think I am enjoying this series more because of the reminder. 

Recipe For Life by Mary Berry

An autobiography by the Queen of "Bake Off". An interesting read and each chapter was interspersed with recipes.

Hopefully my next post will be a "Happy Dance" post because my kitchen should be finished this week and we can get the house back to normal. I cannot wait to start baking again.


  1. Before anything else I say Jan, I have to pick you up on one thing ------ you can NEVER have too much yarn.
    I often wondered about one of those bags, but now I know I will never make one lol
    Your blanket and your cushion are looking beautiful and it's nice that in your semi retirement and enforced relaxation, you have the time to get on with them.

    1. If you saw the mess that my yarn/craft stash was in you would understand why it frustrates me at the moment as I can never find what I am looking for. However I do agree we can never have too much yarn. Once we have the kitchen sorted I will make a concerted effort to try and sort it but need another room built on to house it all or need one of the boys to move out! xx

  2. I was hoping for some sneaky peaks of the kitchen but you are obviously waiting for the big grand reveal ha ha. Funny but I am not enjoying this series of Broadchurch as much as I did the first. I think it is the welsh girl, cant remember her name but I don't like her much. Didn't like her much in Torchwood either.
    Reading is something I would love to do again. I cannot remember a time when I did not have at least one book on the go and sometimes 2, but since losing my Mum I just cannot seem to lose myself in a book as I used too, and instead find my mind wandering and then of course I have lost track of what I have read.

    1. Patience Helen lol! I do agree about Broadchurch, just think there are too many different threads going on but think I would have been completely lost if I hadn't read the book as there was so much I had forgotten. I think you really need to find a really good gripping book to get you back into reading, I was the same after my Dad died, it took me ages to get back into things and I still haven't got back into my stitching, although I am hoping now I have more time to pick it up again.

  3. Oh forgot to say I absolutely adore your seaside bag, (stood on the table with your cushion squares).

    1. Thanks Helen, it is an Emma Ball design. I have two, one PVC one and this fabric one. They are a lovely size to take out and about with a small project in. I love Emma Ball designs and have a few of the tins too.

  4. Hello Jan

    Your poor fingers crocheting away with the bag, I don't think I would have had the patience.
    I too love Emma Ball products and have a few tins, but not a bag (as yet) Fabulous crochet makes,
    I'm looking fowrard to seeing the finished results. I'm also looking forward to seeing your finished kitchen.
    Yes it's a kitchen but the whole house is upside down. Enjoy the Happy dance.


  5. That cushion cover looks great! What a beautiful header photo you have for your blog too :)

  6. Such crocheted loveliness in this post! I love the flowery cushion cover, and the ripple blanket's coming on a treat. I know what you mean about yarn with no stretch. I once crocheted a little pot out of string never again (ouch!) :)
    Cathy x

  7. I love the handbag finish, Jan--so sorry it was hard on your hands... And the blanket is looking lovely.

    My husband and I just began watching the first season of Broadchurch and are thoroughly enjoying it! Love your British television programs so much :)

  8. I can understand why you haven't been out, it's freezing here! The hand bag is so lovely you are so clever being able to produce if even with the instructions in a foreign language. Sarah x

  9. I really like the look of all your crochet projects, especially the bag. I've been making a string crochet bag this week and it's very hard on the hands - you have to work the hook really hard, and after a while the string rubs your fingers. I think something like Zpagetti might work better. The coastal ripple is really lovely. x