Sunday, 24 July 2016

Sorry - I have been AWOL

Many apologies to all my followers - I have been AWOL for a little while and have been very lax about replying to your blogs as well. Life has been very busy just recently, I am not sure why but time has been getting away from me and I am falling behind with everything. However, now school has broken up for the holidays I hope to get back on track shortly. I have been busy crocheting my charity blankets plus the Last Dance On The Beach crochet CAL (I will do a blog post about these sometime in August). If you are still around and following me I thank you for your patience and I will leave you with a few photos from a walk we undertook yesterday, some views of my garden plus my latest crochet project. 

Crochet jellyfish - made for a special little girl to match her pink bedroom

Just a quick post but at least now you know I haven't disappeared completely, hope to be back very soon. Thank you for visiting.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Five On Friday

A late Five on Friday post here, I don't normally work on a Friday but it is a busy time of the year in school so have been putting in some extra hours hence posting late in the day. Once again I am joining with Amy at Love Made My Home to bring you my Five this week. 

1.  Last weekend we went to Long Eaton to my friend Colly's house for our monthly craft get-together, this is always a fun weekend when like minded crafting friends meet to enjoy our crochet and have a good laugh. Here are some photos of us all.

Sarah and Tammy

Sarah, Me, Tammy and Colly


2. While I was at the get-together I put the finishing touches into another SIBOL charity blanket, I am really pleased with how this one turned out.

3.  Colly has the most beautiful garden, I always think of it as a little bit of heaven of earth, here are a few pictures.

I just love the expression on the face of this garden ornament, Colly has called him 'Grunt'

I loved this beautiful flower, not sure what it is called - does anyone know?

4.  We stayed overnight at Colly's and as we were enjoying a leisurely breakfast we were watching this cheeky squirrel attempting to work out how to get the food from this feeder which was only installed the day before after the squirrel chewed a large hole through the plastic of the old one.

I wonder if he has found a way yet?

5.  Yet more crochet - I made these three little cardigans for my boss and his wife who have recently had a baby girl. They made a change from crocheting blankets and I have now been asked to make some for a baby boy so will have to fit them in between all the blankets I am making.

 I have also made some progress on my next SIBOL blanket

Well that is all for this week, I am hoping to fit some walking in next week, the weather has been so awful or I have been working on the days when it hasn't rained so haven't been able to get out and about as much as usual.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I am going to attempt to catch up on my blog reading and replying this weekend. Do go and visit Amy's blog to find links to more Five On Friday posts.