Sunday, 24 July 2016

Sorry - I have been AWOL

Many apologies to all my followers - I have been AWOL for a little while and have been very lax about replying to your blogs as well. Life has been very busy just recently, I am not sure why but time has been getting away from me and I am falling behind with everything. However, now school has broken up for the holidays I hope to get back on track shortly. I have been busy crocheting my charity blankets plus the Last Dance On The Beach crochet CAL (I will do a blog post about these sometime in August). If you are still around and following me I thank you for your patience and I will leave you with a few photos from a walk we undertook yesterday, some views of my garden plus my latest crochet project. 

Crochet jellyfish - made for a special little girl to match her pink bedroom

Just a quick post but at least now you know I haven't disappeared completely, hope to be back very soon. Thank you for visiting.


  1. I've been much the same - both my blogs have been neglected and I've been very lax too at keeping up with reading and commenting on those I follow. Sometimes life just gets in the way!

    Your garden is looking great and I love that crochet jelly fish - it's just brilliant!

  2. Your garden is really improving and your walk looks fabulous. Lovely cloudy skies. Glad you've got a little more time now. Enjoy x

  3. Things have really sprung to life in the garden haven't they. Wonderful. Glad you are well, looking forward to a break. x

  4. The photos of your walk are lovely. The scenes look familiar so I'm wondering where they are please? Really enjoying your blog and the crochet - wish I could master crocheting.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, welcome to my blog. I live in Hampshire and the photos of the walk are from Hannington, a little village on top of the downs. I adore crochet and have so many things I want to make and ideas whizzing around in my head (particularly of blankets I want to crochet)! xx

  5. You certainly took us on a beautiful stroll. Love the jellyfish, such a fun project.

  6. Of course we haven't gone away; it's good to see you posting again, as I always get rather concerned when someone disappears for a while, (especially when it's someone who regularly posts every Friday . . . )
    I'm impressed by your colourful pots and even inspired to do something about the frontage of my bungalow. NOW!!

  7. Your garden flower pots look wonderful and I love the jelly fish:)

  8. Lovely photos, Jan--looks like your flowers are really doing well :) Hope your summer holidays are relaxing and fun-filled!

  9. Lovely photos, Jan, and your planters are looking wonderful. I've found blogging difficult recently too - I think it's the time of year. So much to do outside in the summer. Have a good break.
    Cathy x