Friday, 9 October 2015

Shopping, a walk by the river and some culture!

After a very rainy start to the week the last two days have been gorgeous, lovely warm and sunny Autumn days and a joy to be out and about.

Today we drove to Salisbury for a spot of retail therapy and then a walk through the beautiful water meadows.

It was wonderful to leave the bustling city behind and enjoy the peace and quiet of the meadows. Who would imagine this peaceful riverside location is just a stones throw from the City Centre.

After a walk and a sit in the sun we ambled back along the river into the city for a spot of lunch and then decided to walk up to the Cathedral. I have visited here a few times before but never fail to be impressed by the sheer beauty of this building and admire the skill of those masons from years ago who created this beautiful structure with none of the modern power tools that are in use today.

We walked around the green and then through the cloisters. Can you spot the steeple jacks working on the spire dangling on the ropes, what a head for heights you must have to do that job - they were an awful long way up!

The Cathedral green and Close are such tranquil places to visit and it is hard to remember that you are not far away from the busy shopping streets.

All to soon it was time to head back to the carpark but I couldn't resist taking another couple of photos as we walked back.

Salisbury has so much history with so many lovely old buildings and a thriving shopping centre so a visit is always a pleasure, especially on such a lovely day as today.


  1. I've never but it looks a very pleasant city.

  2. Salisbury Cathedral at Christmas is beautiful too! I love that town!! The Saturday market is a real old fashioned market, not to be missed!! I often meet my friend there as it is halfway between us, we have recently changed our coffee and cake venue as Reeves Cafe has changed, gone too modern!!! But can recommend their Jap Fancies to bring home for a treat!!!!! Shame there are plans afoot to build on/near the Water Meadows, there is always someone to spoil a beautiful scene!! X

  3. I do love Salisbury and your photos are superb. We have been very lucky with the weather for the past couple of days haven't we? Here's to more sunny October days. xx

  4. We drive through Salisbury fairly regularly, but haven't stopped there for ages. It looks like you had a lovely stroll by the river, and the cathedral is very impressive. Some gorgeous medieval buildings too. Glad you had a good visit in all that autumn sunshine.
    Cathy x