Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas is fast approaching!

I live with three men folk, my DH and two sons (30 & 28), who aren't exactly enthusiastic about the festive season so I have had to do a bit of nagging to get them to go up into the loft to fetch the Christmas tree and decs down. Finally my nagging paid off and I am able to start making the house look as if Christmas is coming.

I love reacquainting myself each year with my Christmas tablecloth and stitched tree ornaments that I have made over many years. Looking at them again has made me want to start stitching again, crochet has taken over my life lately with only one new ornament made this year but I think I might be inspired to get out my needle and thread over the Christmas period and make some more!

I am still looking for something to put on the top of my tree, for years I have had a raffia angel which is a bit worse for wear now and I would like something different this year but so far haven't seen anything I like. At least I now have the tree up, I am sure if the men folk had their way it wouldn't go up until Christmas Eve (if at all)!!!


  1. Your ornaments are stunning!! So is that tablecloth!! Such really incredible work. You are incredibly talented indeed!! Your tree looks beautiful! xx

  2. Oh Jan, your needlework pieces are stunningly beautiful. And the tablecloth is lovely. You are extremely talented! I do hope you enjoy the Christmas festivities. I started baking my Christmas cookies today. Have a great day, Pat xx

  3. What fun to see your ornaments, Jan--they are just so cute. And the tablecloth is a masterpiece--too pretty to actually dine on!

    I have the same issues at my house being the lone female. If it were up to my men, there would be no Christmas decorations at all. I seem to do less each year as they don't help unless I nag and I hate to do that!!

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas :)

  4. Your ornaments are a real delight, you are certainly a talented lady. LOVE the tablecloth, so pretty. I really enjoyed my visit and will call in again.

  5. Your ornaments are so cool looking! They're absolutely cute and adorable! The idea of making such ornaments is really great!

  6. Jan, your ornaments are absolutely beautiful. What lovely memories of Christmases past must be stitched into them. Have a wonderful time. xx