Friday, 30 September 2016

Five On Friday - Yarndale

Not sure how it has got around to being Friday again already which means it is time for Five On Friday and I am once again linking with Amy at Love Made My Home to bring you this post.

This time last week I was up in North Yorkshire eagerly anticipating Yarndale which took place at Skipton Auction Mart on the Saturday and Sunday. Yarndale is described as being a festival of creativity, celebrating all things woolly and wonderful! It certainly lived up to that description with over 180 stands to look around and peruse over.

So no surprise here - I am going to show you five photos from Yarndale, I wish I had taken photos of some of the stands which were a feast of gorgeous colours and not sure why I didn't do this - I guess I was too busy spending money.

First of all I have made this collage of some of the yarn bombing that greeted us on arrival at the Auction Mart.

A lot of time and effort went into creating these but they were much appreciated by the queues of people waiting for the doors to open. Which one is your favourite? For me it has to be the bee hive, I was blown away by that.

This crochet bunting is always such a cheerful sight as you walk through the Yarndale Hub - for the first Yarndale event four years ago people were asked to make a bunting triangle to be displayed and this is the result of all the hundreds of triangles that were sent in. These are now displayed every year.

The project for the following year was making mandalas, some of these were on display in the cafe area this year.

So what did I buy, well here is my stash - plenty to keep me busy. I really should be crocheting my blankets but couldn't resist making a start on the bag pack that you see in the photo above - this is a new product that was launched at Yarndale and is by Lucy from Attic24, it was great to meet up with Lucy again this year and have a chat in the Knit and Natter Lounge - I also managed to pop into view her studio in Skipton briefly on the Friday which was lovely.

And here is the completed bag, I had only intended doing a small piece to see how the colours looked together but just couldn't put it down and completed it the same day as I started.

As you can see from my stash photo I also purchased some sock wool. I have knitted socks before but was inspired to have another go by meeting Christine (Winwick Mum) in the Knit and Natter Lounge who is the author of Super Socks. This book explains the process in easy steps with lots of photos to guide you. Naughty me - I have made a start on these, I will get back to my blankets soon but find it hard to resist trying out some of my new stash.

As you can probably tell I really enjoyed my day although by 2.00 pm I had to leave, it was very crowded and it was a battle fighting the crowds and had become very claustrophobic - I know when I have had enough and I think I had probably spent enough by then anyway!

Have a great weekend and please go and visit Amy's blog to find more Five On Friday posts.


  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures! Your post reminds me of our stop on the way back from Scotland. We ended up in Thirsk, Yorkshire and got to see the wonderful Yarn bombing still evident. It was fantastic to see and a wonderful talking point! Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories.

    Happy Five on Friday!

  2. Yarndale looks like a feast for the eyes. I love the bag you have made - such pretty colours.

  3. Oh how I wish I lived on the same side of the world as Yarndale. It looks like an amazing place to visit. I'm visiting from Five on Friday.

  4. I love reading Lucy's blog! I would also love to visit Yarndale someday but alas I'm across the ocean... I hope you can stop by:


  5. Sounds amazing, one of these years I am going to make the effort to go.

  6. Wow! Not only have you taken some fab photos but you've done some serious crafting this week too! It was lovely to meet you and I'm glad you had a great day xx

  7. I love the bees, how fabulous! It's all so colourful, I'd have gone mad taking photos. So glad you enjoyed it, maybe they'll open on a few extra days next year if it got too busy. x

  8. Love your new bag. What a lovely design. Those socks are coming along well. I'm loving wearing my Winwick socks, they are so comfy in my walking boots and on chilly evenings :) B

  9. That yarn bombing is superb! I love your purchases and am very impressed with the speed of your bag making! Happy knitting. xx

  10. Gosh, there must have been steam coming off your needles - I can't believe how fast you knit! Looks like you had fun and got lots to keep you busy xx

  11. I can't believe you finished that bag so quickly it's lovely, I'm glad you enjoyed yarndale I was so sad to miss it this year. Have a great weekend. :) x

  12. Looks and sounds like you had a great weekend Jan. I love Lucy's bag and I'm amazed at how quickly you made it! Do you mind me asking what make and colour the sock yarn is? It looks a lovely colour combination. Have a good week.

    1. Hi Anne, Thank you for your lovely comment regarding the bag. The sock wool is Opal Schafpate 7 and the colour is 8904 Wandering Sheep. x

  13. I'm sure that baby girls born in the UK come out with knitting needles in their hands. You are just born with the knitting gene. And your yarns are so beautiful. The colors make my heart sing.