Friday, 16 January 2015

A Hotchpotch post

It's been a good week.  Two days at work on Tuesday and Wednesday followed by a couple of days at home.  A bit more sorting out and clearing my kitchen before the contractors arrive next Monday. Our new cooker was delivered today and the rest of the kitchen arrives tomorrow morning - goodness knows where it is all going to go until they are ready to install it all!

I have been a lucky girl this week, I have received two bouquets of flowers. One from my husband, who thought a vase that I had removed from the kitchen and put on top of my bureau for safe keeping needed some flowers in it. My friends from our monthly craft group will recognise this vase, they gave it to me for my 60th birthday in October.

The other bouquet was from my youngest son as a thank you for securing tickets for him for his favourite NFL team who are playing at Wembly later this year.  Obtaining the tickets from Ticketmaster turned out to be a bit of a nightmare so it was great to know that he was appreciative of my efforts!

I do love having flowers on display and they certainly brighten the place up.

I also finished my DH's scarf yesterday, he is really pleased with it and has christened it already.

Today we have been walking at another local nature reserve, this time Anton Lakes which is only a mile from the town centre but attracts quite a lot of bird life and is pleasant to go for a quick stroll when you don't have too much time.

This time we did see a kingfisher. Unfortunately I only had my wide angled lens on the camera so I didn't manage to get a photograph of it. My DH did take this photograph of an adorable little wren though which I really like.

Well that is all for this time, I hope you are enjoying reading my blog as much as I am enjoying writing it. Next week is going to be very busy with the kitchen installation but hopefully we will be able to get out and about somewhere and find something interesting for me to point my camera at.


  1. Hello Jan

    A lovely post, your flowers are beautiful with such vibrant colours., I love the vase is the first photo, and DH's scarve is gorgeous, especially the colours, I do like the end tassels. The Nature Reseve looks amazing especially the clear blue water, and even better as it's so close to you.

    Good luck with your kitchen re-fit, I will be thinking of your.


  2. I love your header and the images from your trip to Anton lakes. It must have be wonderful to see the kingfisher, I have only seen once twice but I have never been able to capture them! Sarah x

    1. Thanks Sarah. It was great to see a kingfisher, it is not something that happens every day but I think you would have to be incredibly lucky to capture one on camera. x

  3. Lovely blog Jan with some great photos