Monday, 12 January 2015

My love affair with crochet

What is on my crochet hook at the moment?

Well I confess I am a bit of a serial starter and currently have three projects on the go. I haven't had a lot of time lately to spend on my crochet but hopefully now I have more time I can achieve more.

First of all I am making this gorgeous coastal ripple blanket designed by the lovely Lucy at Attic 24.  If you haven't already discovered her blog please go along and have a look, she is definitely the Crochet Queen and produces really creative and stunning crochet.  You can find her at  I just love the colours of this one, they just make me want to go to the coast and breathe in the lovely salty air.

The ripple design is so relaxing to do, I can sit and ripple while I watch TV as you only need to count to four to crochet this pattern. I have to confess that I have ordered the Cottage Ripple pack as well so will be busy rippling for some time to come!

Next on my hook is a puff stitch scarf. I am not sure about the colour but was looking for some lovely soft wool that feels comfy when it is being worn and I found this wool in a small shop in Sidmouth when we were on a mini-break in Devon just before Christmas and decided I would give it a go.

Here is a close up of the puff stitch, despite the wool looking as if it could be scratchy it actually feels incredibly silky and light.

Finally, I am crocheting a scarf for my husband, this is it at the halfway stage, he has requested a long extra wide scarf. I am hoping to crack on with this one as it sounds as if the colder weather is on its way and he will be wanting to wear it. Again I have chosen a smooth soft yarn which feels as if it will be very comfortable to wear.

Hopefully I can update my blog with some finishes soon.

Thank you for reading this post, I am really enjoying my adventure into Blogland and will be back with another post soon.


  1. Hi Jan, is this a 2nd Coastal blanket? I thought you finished one already.
    Love the colours of the scarf you are doing for Mike

  2. For some reason I could only do a limited number of words!!!!! I like the look of your scarf too. I gave also bought the other two blanket packs, naughty aren't we.

  3. Thanks Colly. This is my 2nd ripple, the other one had similar colours and I called that one my seaside ripple. Lucy then produced this pattern pack and I couldn't resist as I love this colour palette. xx

  4. Hi Jan, I love your crochet and your photo's from the nature reserve as STUNNING.
    Thank you for your comment and welcome to blogland.
    Jacquie x

    1. Thanks Jacquie, I feel I still have a lot to learn about blogging but I am looking forward to life in blog land. I have just spent a couple of hours trying to get a follow me button on my blog and think I have at last succeeded.

  5. Hello Jan, wonderful colourful crochet. Enjoy blogland.