Friday, 6 March 2015

Rooksbury Mill on a sunny morning

We decided to pay another visit to Rooksbury Mill today on a beautiful sunny morning. Quite a lot of activity on the large and small lake today so hope you enjoy looking at the photos. Some of the birds were a bit distant for my lens to cope with but as they are birds we don't see every day I decided they were worth taking for the record, as was the photo of the water vole having a good feed on the bank.

Ratty (Water Vole) feeding on the bank by the stew pond

Two adult Mute Swans (you can just see the juvenile one hiding behind the tree)
Sun shining on the lake
Great Crested Grebe
Spring is here - lovely catkins
and some beautiful primroses

Tufted Duck
A distant view of a Little Grebe (Dabchick) 
Mr and Mrs Mallard
Mute Swan and Tufted Ducks
This robin kindly sat and posed for me
Little Egret
Teasel head

And to finish off here is a photo taken from the carved bench - I am taking a photo from here every month and then at the end of the year I can look back to see how the scenery changes month on month. 

This is the view for March - already it has changed a lot since the photos I took in January and February so it is going to be interesting to view them all at the end of the year.


  1. Love these photos used to go to Hungerford (hope I've spelt this correctly) quite a lot as my mum was in the forces hospital nearby so stopped off to visit on more than one occasion and have lunch. Must admit that then the boys were young so didn't realise that there was a river nearby or the canal boats etc. Love your Ramblings as they open up a whole new world to me for me to visit. love the photos as well of Rooksbury Mill with all the different wild life. Thank you for including me in your life Jan love it Chris xx

    1. Thanks Chris, you know how much I enjoy messing around taking photos and a blog is the ideal way to show them. Glad you have managed to leave a message at last, well done for persevering. xx

  2. Beautiful photos, what a lovely place to visit!

    1. Thanks Louise, we are lucky to have this place just the other side of town from us.