Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Another trip to the lakes

On a beautiful sunny morning I went for a walk with my eldest son to Anton Lakes. My son has recently purchased a super-duper long lens and was wanting to try it out by pointing it at some birds.

I felt quite inferior with my much smaller lens but am quite pleased with some of the results I got. 

This robin sat and posed for me beautifully

Cormorants sat on the highest branches

A hybrid, mostly mallard but think he might have a bit of shoveller duck in him

Mallard (see the difference to the one above)

One of the many mute swans that frequent the lake

A goosander (managed to get better photos than the ones I took the other day)

And again, you can see his colours better on this one

So elegant, I love it when swans glide through the water like this

I love the water glistening on this swan's neck and beak

Another mallard  - what a stunning colour they are when the sun shines on them!

And last but not least a beautiful tufted duck

Let's hope this sunny weather continues. It makes so much difference when taking photos and we have had more than enough grey murky days recently.


  1. Really wonderful photos Jan. You got lots of great close ups...and yes, the sun is wonderful to bring out colour and get nice sharp photos isn't it.
    Jacquie x

  2. The colours on a male mallard really are something else. I think possibly because they're so common we tend to overlook them. Great set of pictures on what has been a beautiful day in Hampshire :o)

  3. I always suffer serious lens envy when I'm in a bird hide or near proper bird watchers! Your photos are fantastic though - your camera / lens seem to do just fine :)

  4. I think that your photos are beautiful!!! Your lens seems to be working pretty well to me! xx

  5. Haven't they come out well! Such a lovely day too. :-)

  6. Your photos are wonderful. What lovely way to spend a morning.

  7. What a wonderful collection of photos, looks like a good day too.

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you Mike, having had a look at your website and your stunning photos I am honoured that you think my attempts are fabulous.

  9. You have captured some great shots on your visit to the lake - like the tufted duck and the robin too:)

  10. Your pictures are stunning so clear, they look perfect to me. Have a great weekend. :) x

  11. OH, what lovely photos, Jan--I just love that robin so much. In fact I love him so much, I've made him the background wallpaper on my computer to help me get through this cold spell we are having!!

  12. What brilliant photos, well done.