Sunday, 2 July 2017

Sunday Stills 2

A selection of photos taken this week:

Bee on scabious flower

Comma Butterfly on buddleia

I am pleased with how my garden pots are coming on (shame about the boring fence)!

My agapanthus flowering at last!

Found this fella lurking amongst my garden pots one morning

I think it is a bush cricket but stand to be corrected!

Small tortoiseshell on scabious

Photographed this tree many times but it changes so much through the seasons


These boxing hares on top of the thatched roof are so cute

I love this view across the meadow to the thatched round house

Another one to add to my weather vane collection

One of our favourite walks

There was plenty of wildlife on the lake

The swallow is one of my favourite birds ...

and these little ones are so cute, not sure how they all fit in the nest.

Starting yet another crochet project

Crocheting before getting out of bed in the morning - you can tell it is Sunday!

I hope you are enjoying these random weekly selections - why don't you join in!  I will be back soon with a full blog post.


  1. I am enjoying these posts. This a beautiful collection of photos! Yes, that's a speckled bush cricket - I'd love to see one of those, we don't have them around here though, too far north I think. I had hoped to join in with Sunday Stills today but life is so busy, I just haven't had time to even think about it. Hoping to join in next Sunday if I can get on top of everything else and get myself organised!

  2. The photos are lovely and the crochet an inspiration. I do like the colours you are using and the wool looks so soft. Where is the view to the round house and the lake as I too love walking and would like to venture that way as it looks delightful. Happy crocheting.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, the round house and the lake are in the village of St. Mary Bourne (about 5 miles from Andover). It is a beautiful village and one that is very special to me as it is where my Mum grew up and I used to spend most of my school holidays there as a child staying with my grandparents and aunts and uncles.

  3. Such wonderful photos, such a joy to visit.

  4. Wonderful photos again - I do enjoy these posts. The boxing hares on the thatched roof are brilliant. xx

  5. Beautiful! Your garden must be looking wonderful! Great to see the hares too!