Thursday, 4 February 2016

My new toy has arrived

My long awaited blocking board arrived today from Paul from Blocking Boards by Daisy Boo and I love it. As you can see from the photos below I have put it to use already and I am loving the difference it makes to the squares. As it stretches them out it really makes the pattern of the square show up so well.

I was so excited to get into the package that I didn't stop to take a photo of the beautiful way the board was packaged which was very remiss of me. You can see in the photo below the lovely little handmade with love tag that was threaded onto the string that surrounded the tissue paper. Don't you find that things like that make so much difference to the product? 

I purchased the tin with the owls on today to keep the rods in so that I don't lose or break them. 

Paul from Daisyboo Creations will be starting a waiting list very shortly for these boards so if you are interested make sure you get your name down as they sell out very quickly, the last batch sold within 40 seconds of going live. They are handmade from solid birch wood and take about three weeks to make but take it from me it was well worth the wait for mine to arrive as it is definitely a quality product that will be very well used.


  1. It certainly looks amazing, what a great creation. I also love the granny squares.

  2. Now I want one! It's the perfect tool, useful and pretty. Enjoy!

  3. What a great idea! Your squares are beautiful!!! xx

  4. Excellent idea and a very nice ornament as the squares are being produced. x

  5. Thats a great board, and nice of you to support a small company. Your squares are beautiful - is that for one of your blankets you are giving away? Xx

    1. It is Claire, this is number one of my Sunshine blankets. Number two is already in production as I was waiting for the blocking board before completing number one. xx