Monday, 8 February 2016

Sunshine Blankets and an Amaryllis

The weather hasn't really been very suitable for getting out and about over the last few days being wet, windy and muddy, so I have made the most of being stuck indoors by completing one of my Sunshine Blankets of Love and blocking out the squares on another plus a bit of forward planning for some future blankets. 

As you might remember I have challenged myself to complete twelve of these blankets to donate to a local residential care home at the end of the year. Since then I have agreed to make another blanket which will be entered into a raffle to raise money for Ronald McDonald House in Southampton which provides free 'home away from home' accommodation for families with children in hospital and relies entirely on charitable donations (currently an old school friend's son and daughter in law are staying there while their new baby is in hospital awaiting a heart operation).  I have also agreed to make some squares for Jill at Emerald Cottage for her Autism Project. I definitely will have enough to keep me occupied this year and not sure I have time to go to work and keep up with walking as well but I will give it a good go.

So here we are with the blanket I completed today.

Completing the edging

All Sunshine blankets have a name so I am calling this one 'Rose Garden'

A butterfly is the logo for the Sunshine blankets and each blanket has one attached to the corner

Close up of the butterfly I made for this blanket

Excuse the grotty carpet, I have problems finding a space to photograph the blankets properly

A closer look at some of the squares

This was actually the second Sunshine blanket that I crocheted but the squares of the first one really needed blocking and I must say they have a greatly improved appearance once they have been blocked. The blocking process is almost finished and hopefully on my next day off work at the end of the week I can begin the process of assembling and edging this one.

I am highly delighted with my new blocking board from @blockingboardsbydaisyboo that I showed you in an earlier post, it certainly has made the process of blocking so much easier and I know it will get lots of use this year.

I have also crocheted a few sample squares that I intend to use on future Sunshine blankets - now which one am I going to start first? I have so many ideas for these blankets and the charity blankets are a good way of trying them all out.

Finally, some non-crochet related photos, my amaryllis plant is stunning at the moment and it still has another three buds to emerge so I thought I would show it to you. I purchased one of these for my Mum for her 90th birthday and hers has been stunning as well so they were a really good buy.

I couldn't resist picking up these tulips from the supermarket the other day. Tulips are amongst my favourite flowers and these have really brightened up our sitting room. I do need to look for another jug though as the red of the strawberries doesn't really go with the pale pink of the tulips and my other vases were too large.

I now have two very long days at work (with evening meetings) so am looking forward to my days off on Thursday and Friday when hopefully the weather will be better so we can get out for a walk in the countryside but if not my crochet will stop me from getting bored!


  1. That blanket is gorgeous, such beautiful colours.

  2. Your blanket looks wonderful Jan. The colours are so pretty and the solid squares show them off beautifully. It's such a lovely project to be part of. I sent some squares to sue back in the early days when she was doing the joining.
    Hope your work days are not too hectic. Roll on Thursday hey ;0)
    Jacquie x

  3. Those blankets are fabulous! Clever you. What a lovely thing to be making them for charity too, and I love the little butterflies. That blocking board looks very useful and what a simple design. I bought tulips at the weekend too, mine are a firey red and orange and I keep going to the fireplace to see them and smile :o) x

  4. Your blanket, butterfly and blocks are all beautiful!!!! I know that your blankets are going to be greatly loved and appreciated by all!! xx

  5. It looks like you have a very busy year ahead! I love your rose garden blanket - the colours are heavenly, and the little butterfly a lovely touch. Your amaryllis is wonderful - is it a double one? Mine still hasn't properly got going yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Have a good week, Jan.
    Cathy x

  6. Your sunshine blankets is so lovely and the butterfly a wonderful finishing touch. I'm sure it will be so appreciated. I love tulips and it is such a treat buying them at this time of year! Sarah x

  7. Your squares and blanket are marvellous, I'm sure they will go down a treat. x

  8. What a wonderful post! I loved everything in it! Beautiful blanket, love the colors & the butterfly. Magnificent amaryllis. I like the tulips in that pitcher, actually. And the square blocker is genius!

  9. Hi Jan, your rose garden blanket is absolutely stunning! How lovely with the colors and the little butterfly is the perfect embellishment. Your new granny squares are all pretty; especially the snowlake pattern. And, I don't think I've ever seen such a lovely, ruffled type amaryllis. It's really beautiful. I hope your week is off to a great start. My best to you, Pat xx

  10. Your sunshine blanket is gorgeous! The colors are beautiful. I know it will be enjoyed. I hope the weather improves for you. I miss when I can't get out for my walks. It's nice that you have some lovely flowers to brighten you days.

  11. Your Rose garden sunshine blanket is beautiful, I don't know how you can bear to give it away! I think you should use the blue square with the daisy on for your next one.
    My amaryllis is just four big leaves at the moment, no flower :-(

  12. I love your blanket - it is beautiful!

  13. I love the colours in your blanket and the pretty squares and butterflies too:)

  14. I also treated myself to some tulips last week - a bunch of red and white and a bunch of yellow. Mixed together in a large glass jug they are a very cheerful sight.
    I love that beautiful 'Rose Garden' blanket - such gorgeous colours. That Amaryllis is stunning - I've never bought one because they look as though they need a very warm place to thrive and my house is quite cool for most of the day. I'm tempted, though!

  15. Lovely, lovely blanket, Jan!! Even though I don't crochet, I can see where that blocking board would be very helpful.

    Nice to see your flowers--it is snowing here today!

  16. Gorgeous blanket, Jan and for a very worthy cause. Your blocking board looks great too; it looks very useful. Happy crocheting. xx

  17. The blanket is beautiful! I love your sample squares too my favourite is the purple and white. The blocking board is such a good idea, now I want one too. :) xx