Monday, 6 April 2015

A happy dance and another walk

On Easter Sunday I completed my Coastal ripple blanket. I love the sea and its surroundings and the colours used in this blanket designed by Attic24 were inspired by the coast. When I first saw the colours I knew I just had to make it as these are some of my favourite shades and are my true soul colours.

I started the ripple in October but it was laid aside quite often as other more urgent projects needed completing. It is only in the last few weeks that I have picked it up again and decided that it really needed to be finished.

When I heard about the new Stylecraft Waterlily CAL (crochet-a-long) that is starting tomorrow which I really wanted to be a part of I knew I needed to crack on and get the ripple completed. I am a bit of a serial starter and am trying hard not to have too many projects on the go at once. My hook has been on fire this last week and finally yesterday I crocheted the last stitch. 

Please excuse the following photographs, this blanket is single bed size and it was difficult to find somewhere to lay it out to photograph it in its entirety  I am planning on taking it to the seaside soon to take some photos against the backdrop that inspired it but for now you will have to make do with these. I really enjoyed crocheting this but was pleased to complete it.

I collect my wool to start the CAL tomorrow so today I have had a crochet-free day so we decided to take another walk around the village of St. Mary Bourne. It was such a beautiful afternoon, far too lovely to stay indoors. We took a different route from that of last week although we started and finished our walk in the same place. 

Our walk started by walking across the Recreation ground to join the path across the meadows. 

You can probably see in the photo below that a tree has sadly blown down since we were here just over a week ago. Very sad as they are beautiful old trees.

Do you remember the verses written by local school children that I photographed last time, well this is one more that I missed last time as I diverted down through the village on that occasion so I thought you would like to see this one as well as so many of you commented on them.

We then took the path along the edge of the field, this path forms part of the Test Way and is locally known as the "walk to school route". 

I couldn't resist taking a photograph of this lone tree, I am sure it won't be long until it produces its leaves and then will look very different.

We walked on the Test Way as far as Haven Lodge and turned right past the school and after crossing the main road took the turning to Gangbridge walking beside the Bourne Riverlet. On the corner we were taken by this cottage with its boxing hares made out of thatch

and a zoomed in view. I think it is the first time I have seen hares depicted in this way, I have seen pheasants, peacocks, squirrels etc. made out of thatch but never hares.

The water in the Bourne riverlet was crystal clear.

I love this old barn standing on its staddle stones, although the larger barn behind it looked very much in need of a thatcher's attention.

I remember this cottage from years ago as a friend of my Great Aunt's used to live in it. I must say it looks much smarter these days. You are really spoilt for choice in St. Mary Bourne as it is full of thatched cottages, all of them different but all have so much character.

The lane we were walking along was full of celandines, primroses and daffodils, all of which looked magnificent on this lovely sunny day.

Eventually we reached Gangbridge, I used to play here as a child but haven't walked past here for years, it was lovely to be back.

It was then time to turn back towards St. Mary Bourne but not before taking a rest on a seat, how lovely it was to feel the warmth of the sun on our backs and watch the world go by for a little while.

We then took a side lane and walked up a hill to rejoin the Test Way a bit further along from where we had left it on our outward leg.

It was lovely to see some white violets growing on the banks amongst the more common purple ones

and say hello to this lovely pony ...

We are now nearly back at the Rec but I wanted to show you this meadow. This used to be my playground as a child as it was owned by my Great Uncle. How lucky was I to be able to spend my school holidays having fun in such an idyllic location. My Great Aunt used to take me out for long walks in the evenings and I am sure this is part of the reason why I love the countryside around here so much. She used to point out all the wild flowers to me and I am happy to say there are still lots growing along the footpaths and in the meadows. I have never seen as many celandines as I saw today, how beautiful is the Springtime.

Just before returning to the car we couldn't resist having a quick walk down by the lake which was looking at its best in the afternoon sun.

Finally a quick view of the Church tower flying the flag of St. George to celebrate Easter.

Thank you for joining me on yet another walk. Since rejoining Slimming World I am trying to increase my walking to help with the weight loss, not that I need an excuse on days like today to get out and enjoy the countryside.


  1. It has been a lovely day for walking - we were out again too! These are lovely photos again especially all those flowers and the thatched cottages (I don't see those often, they're rare up here!).

  2. What a gorgeous post! Those thatch hares are amazing (I want some!) and the white violets are a wonderful discovery. A lovely part of the world. Your blanket looks great - well done :)
    Cathy x

  3. Oh, what a sweet walk--those bunnies on the roof are just so darling! And what a great finish you have in your colors of the seaside blanket, Jan--great job :)

  4. Hello Jan, A beautiful blanket, you must be so proud. I love taking a walk with you,
    the scenery is so picturesque. I've never seen a barn with a thatched roof before,
    the stadde stones look like mushrooms, and the clear crystal water is amazing. Such beautiful and stunning countryside.


  5. Yet another super walk to join you on. My childhood was spent in Liverpool and I remember my excitement when one Sunday we went for a walk near where I lived and found a ploughed field. It' so lovely to see the countryside through your eyes with the memories as well. Chris xx