Thursday, 9 April 2015

More walking, more crochet!

What a glorious week we are having. We have been having above average temperatures for this time of the year and it has been beautifully sunny with lovely clear skies. 

This weather inspires me to want to get out and about so on Tuesday we decided to go to my lovely home village to see my Mum and to go out for a walk.

Again, we took a route that I have walked many times over the years and this one brings back very happy memories of my Dad as it was one of his favourite walks.

Firstly we set off up Half Path, you can see by the width of the path that it is very well named.

This path leads up to the playground with its lovely view of the downs. Even growing up seeing this view every day I still love it and never tire of seeing it.

This bottom part of the playground is going to look super in a few weeks time, it has been planted as a wild flower meadow and is spectacular through the summer months. I will return and take some photos of it in its full glory later in the year for you to see.

From here we walk past a field with these lovely horses and then go down Shepherd Steps, when I was young these were quite steep steps cut in the hillside, now they are shallow concrete steps which at least don't get muddy in the winter but are almost too shallow and believe it or not I find them more difficult to climb (or is that my age telling here)!

At the bottom of the steps we reach Hollowshot Lane and you get a lovely view up the long mile to the downs. This is racehorse territory and these fields form part of the gallops that the horses train on. 

If you look carefully at the photo below you can just make out the race horses on the gallops.

We didn't have enough time to walk up to the downs today so we made our way along Hollowshot Lane. 

White violets have always grown along this path at this time of the year.

Here are some more lovely views of the downs. I worked at the Home Office Wireless Depot which was situated right underneath the aerial on top of the downs for four years in my youth. I don't think I really appreciated at the time what a stunning location it was. I used to look out of my office window and see deer running across the fields, masses of yellow hammers sat in the hedgerow and lots of other wildlife. I really did do some work in between watching all this activity though!!!

Continuing with our walk we reach Three Corner Firs, here the route divides and you can walk on towards Plantation Farm or take a sharp left turn and walk along Dell Path back into the village.

However, before turning back we stop awhile to take in this view. I wonder if bluebells still grow in the woods on top of the hill, I must take a walk next month to find out.

My DH taking in the view.

Well on we go, there are some splendid views from Dell Path looking back towards the racing stables.

I hope this weather continues, it is not difficult to want to get out and about when it is so warm and sunny.

The walking is really helping with my weight loss, I lost another 3.5 lbs this week which makes 10 lbs in total. I am really in the zone with my eating and walking at the moment so long may it continue. 

Now onto the crochet - the first part of the Stylecraft Waterlily CAL was published on Tuesday so I gathered all my supplies and was ready to start when we returned home after our walk. What beautiful colours are used in this project.

This is what the finished design will look like.

I have completed two sections of the first release, I have two more to go and then I will need to wait another fortnight for the next part to be released. I haven't blocked these pieces yet, will wait until I have crocheted the other two and then block them all together. I am loving it so far apart from sewing in all those ends, that is quite a marathon on each piece.

I will be back soon with more waterlily updates and hopefully more walking adventures.


  1. A lovely walk. That wildflower meadow is going to look fantastic - I hope you will show us when all the flowers pop up!

  2. Wow, your crochet blanket is going to look fantastic, such an unusual pattern too! Glad you were able to make the most of the sunny weather for a beautiful walk
    Caz xx

  3. What a stunning walk! I love all of the fascinating place-names which probably all tell a story, and the gorgeous little white violets. Well done with your weight-loss - I am impressed and inspired! Lovely to see your photos of you and the DH too :) I look forward to watching your wonderful crochet project develop - I agree that the colours are lovely.
    Cathy x

  4. What a beautiful walk - is it near Lambourne with all those racehorses about? Your crochet is looking amazing - it's almost like quilting the way you do all the pieces and join them together. Long may this lovely weather last. x

    1. No, it is not Lambourn, it is Kingsclere, the racing stables are run by Clare Balding's brother Andrew.

    2. Sitting here and catching up with blogs. Been so busy with cardmaking and being out and about in the beautiful sunshine. Life is good lol.
      I am really looking forward to seeing your blanket grow, it does not look very big though, what size will it be when its finished Jan.

  5. Stunning views that I didn't know existed and yet more fantastic crocheting, thank you Chris xx