Sunday, 5 April 2015

Spring has sprung!

Happy Easter to all my readers.

Lots of signs at Rooksbury Mill this morning that Spring has well and truly sprung! Lovely Springtime wild flowers have bloomed, there is blossom on the bushes, tree buds are gradually opening and leaves are emerging and a swan is sitting on eggs. I love this time of the year when colour is coming back into our countryside after a long grey winter.


  1. Hello Jan,

    Fabulous photos showing your stunning countryside, the photo of the swan nesting is just perfect
    yes, It's wonderful to be out and about seeing signs of Spring - at long last.


  2. Isn't it great to see all the little bursts of colour! Great photos.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. A lovely collection of photos! I posted a blog with the very same title earlier today! It's been a lovely spring like weekend here.

  4. Your lovely photos remind me of the paintings in Edith Holden' s books. Such lovely signs of spring. I hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday.

  5. Look at all those cowslips! And that's a fabulous picture of Mrs Swan (although it could be Mr Swan?) on the nest. I haven't seen the swans near to us nesting yet but it must be getting to that time of year! xx

  6. Those delicately nodding cowslips are something special, and the unfurling green buds - how lovely that spring is here!
    Cathy x

  7. Thank you again Chris xx