Friday, 13 May 2016

Five On Friday

Another week gone by and it is time to join Amy from Love Made My Home once again for another Five On Friday. 

So what have I been up to this week:

One:  I have not had as much time as I would have liked to spend on crocheting this week and have yet to start my 4th week CAL square (hopefully will get to it sometime today). It took me until Tuesday this week to finish my four squares for week 3.

I have had some questions as to what the funny looking object is that I display my squares on - well it is a blocking board where you peg your squares out to the size they are meant to be, the square then settles into that size. This makes your finished blanket much neater and easier to join. Obviously your square does need to come out quite close to the recommended size before you block otherwise you would be stretching the square too much. There are various methods of blocking, some people wet block, some steam their squares but I am sold on this method of blocking since purchasing this lovely board from Daisyboo Creations a little while back.

The only other crochet I have done this week is the square shown below.

I had a message from one of my crocheting pals who had seen a photo of a square looking quite similar to the one above but after searching high and low in books and on the internet she could not find a pattern for it and desperately wanted to make it. She asked if I could figure out how to do it and write up a pattern for her so never one to shirk a challenge I set to and came up with this. This is just the prototype and I did perfect it as the rounds went on and have now produced a pattern for her. I am happy to say it worked out for her and she has now produced a lovely large square using my pattern. I think it does vary slightly from the photo she sent me but I am not sure that matters too much. 

Two:  Fitbit/weight loss - unfortunately after 17 days my streak of 10,000+ steps a day came to an end on Tuesday. This was one of my work days and a day of torrential rain so I had no opportunity to go out once I arrived home to try and get enough steps. However, I am now back on it and hoping to build up another streak. 

I am sure all the walking is helping me with my weight loss as I lost 1.5 lbs this week and only have 0.5 lbs to go until I reach my 5 stone award. Wish me luck, I want it to happen this next week. 1.5 lbs doesn't sound very much to lose in a week but just lately my progress has been very slow so this was quite an achievement for me.

Three:  A few weeks ago I showed you the seedling pots that I was hoping would grow, as I told you I am very new to all this so it was a case of keeping my fingers crossed and hoping they would grow. 

This was a wild flower planter that I was given, I have been carefully nurturing these indoors for a while but have now decided they will survive and hopefully flower outside.

Some more wild flowers, this time taking their chance by being grown outside.

Nasturtiums, these have only just peeked through the compost, I was beginning to think these were not going to do anything.

More nasturtiums, not sure about these, just a hint of a seedling emerging.

Four:  DH and I enjoyed a visit to the stunning Exbury Gardens in the New Forest yesterday. We haven't been here since 2011 so it was time for a return visit. I took far too many photos as usual and will just show you a handful (very difficult to decide what to leave out). Love or loathe rhododendrons and azaleas you cannot help being impressed by this place which is a riot of colour at this time of the year.

Five:  After visiting Exbury we motored onto Lepe Beach which is only a few miles away from Exbury where we planned to walk along the shoreline. However after not getting very far it started raining, very slightly at first so we didn't think it was going to be much so decided to walk on. However the few spots soon became a torrential downpour with hail and thunder and by the time we had walked very swiftly back to the car we were soaked through to the skin and looked like two drowned rats! A very damp journey home but it was still a fun day. I just managed to take these photos before the rain hit us.

Hopefully I haven't bored you with the overload of photos on my Five this week. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. See you next week for another Five On Friday. 


  1. The arboretum looks amazing. Such wonderful colours.

  2. Good luck with the weight loss this week, you have done so well. The gardens were a real delight it was wonderful to share them with you, shame the rain ended the day such a lovely beach. Take care.

  3. The Exbury Gardens look splendid with all that colorful foliage, azaleas and rhododendrons! In Helsinki there is a fantastic rhododendron garden , it shall be in bloom in June.

  4. Five lovely things. Hope you achieve your target weight loss this week. The gardens look lovely and I love the colours in the azeleas and rhododendrons. Lovely photos of the beach too such a shame you didn't get the walk you wanted down on there before the rain set in. Have a lovely weekend:)

  5. I too am on the CAL journey for Wink as you are, in fact my post is all about it today and about 2 weeks ago I thought I should also splurge on the Dasiyboo blocker but there is now a 12 week waiting list!!! Arghh... am hoping to persuade my son to make me on, or else I may trot to the shed and try it myself, wish me luck xxxx

  6. Exbury looks glorious, what a perfect time to go with all the azaleas. You are putting me to shame with all that walking. I do hope you get that award this week, you certainly deserve it. Loving the CAL squares, I'm very tempted! Have a good weekend. B X

  7. Such stunning colours at Exbury and what a pity that your walk on the beach came to a soggy end. I love your blocking board; I think I'll have to put one on my Christmas list. Enjoy the weekend. xx

  8. Beautiful photos! Congrats on the weight loss and hope you reach your goal. You're going great. That crochet device sounds like a great idea!

    Have a great weekend

  9. So spectacular. I haven't been to Exbury for donkey's years, still looking good though. Good luck with your 5 stone reward, I hope it's a piece of cake!! x

  10. Those gardens look amazing. And wow a bumblebee, I've never seen one in real life so I hope I see plenty when I visit the UK.
    Good luck with your steps and the weight loss.

  11. Your blocking tool looks brilliant to me. Weight loss is so difficult - I'd like to lose a few pounds before summer and they come of so very slowly. Walking 10000 steps is a great idea. Lovely photos of your visit to Exbury.

  12. I'm not a 'shrubby' person, and we have a large rhododendron in our new garden, but I must admit they do look lovely en masse.
    I wouldn't worry about one day without 10,000 steps, you are doing great. Keep up the good work ��

  13. Amazing arboretum photos! Such gorgeous azaleas and other lowers! Love the blue &white block (I'm partial to blue!) :-) And congratulations on your soon-reached weight loss goal! That's wonderful!

  14. Your squares look really great! Your visit to Exbury looks as though it was a good one too, so many beautiful plants to see! Thank you for joining Five On Friday, I hope you are having a good weekend. Sorry to be late visiting, I have been otherwise occupied as I said in my post. xx

  15. Your photos never bore me, Jan. I went to Exbury as a child, and enjoyed seeing it in your photos - it looks gorgeous. Your garden is coming along well, and all those pots look great - I like the blue ones! And a very well done with your weight loss and all that walking.
    Cathy x

  16. Looks like a lovely week, Jan! I truly enjoyed sharing your week with you--the gardens are perfectly lovely. We are having cool, gray days here and not many flowers are out yet so your photos were much appreciated!

  17. Congratulations on your weight loss. I just can't seem to get inspired. Maybe the photo of your fitbit reading is what I needed. Loved the visit to the garden. Beautiful!