Sunday, 8 May 2016

Two days, two glorious walks!

We are having some glorious weather at the moment and what better way to spend it than walking in our wonderful countryside. Over the last two days we have really enjoyed two walks, one familiar and one new to us, although both walks were less than five miles from where we live.

Walk number one:  On Friday DH and I walked the Longparish Riverdance, those of you who are regular readers will recall that we have done this walk a few times over the last year but I will try and show you some different views this time around.

Some interested/nosy? cows came to investigate us!

These little black lambs were so cute but wouldn't co-operate by looking in my direction!

Beautiful view across the Hampshire countryside

Cherry blossom looking lovely against a perfect blue sky

I love the new growth on the trees (so green and fresh) before the canopy becomes too dense

A grey wagtail, we stood and watched him for ages as he flew backwards and forwards across the river catching bugs

The serene River Test

It was a perfect day for walking alongside the river

We usually see large rainbow trout from this bridge but there were only small ones in evidence today.

A view looking back towards the Upper Mill

Marsh marigolds (kingcups) growing by the side of the path

This walk takes us through lovely parkland

Time for a refreshing drink before continuing our walk!

My lovely DH ...

and yours truly!

Continuing our walk after our lunchtime stopover

Once more, walking through beautiful parkland ...

before making our way around the Lower Mill and trout farm

Wild garlic

I love to see flowers tumbling over the top of stone walls

Walk number two:  Yesterday No. 1 son accompanied us on a walk around part of Harewood Forest taking in the Deadman's Plack monument and some bluebells. Part of this walk was new to DH and me so we were relying on our son to lead the way.

The start of the walk took us across a field to enter the forest

Newly emerged oak leaves

We came across this lovely green clearing in the middle of the forest

Aircraft spotting!

The Deadman's Plack (click on link above to find out more about this intriguing monument in the middle of the forest)

Clumps of primroses growing in the forest - some still in bud

Fields of rape are very much part of the scene in this part of Hampshire at this time of year

A stand of beech trees with their new lime green growth, beautiful!

No apologies for boring you with more bluebell woods - I just cannot resist taking these beautiful flowers

but I will just limit it to two photos this time around although as you can imagine I did take rather a lot!

Yet another field of rape

I love the way the light is shining on this one.

Thank you to my son who treated us to a very welcome drink at the end of our walk.

I hope you have enjoyed sharing our two walks and thank you if you have made it this far from an overload of pictures! Until next time enjoy what remains of the weekend and the wonderful weather.


  1. You certainly took us on two wonderful walks, it was wonderful to see the beautiful bluebells and the glorious countryside. Long may the beautiful weather remain.

  2. Doesn't it all look wonderful in the sun. Fabulous x

  3. What fantastic walks - I love the family photo. I've only ever seen a pied wagtail, so your grey one was new to me. The lambs are adorable and those bluebells and the rape just glorious. Fingers crossed for more good weather this week. xx

  4. Two great walks, especially love the bluebell and rape field photos. Don't worry about photo overload - I do the same; it's very hard to try and limit it when you want to put them all in! Xx

  5. It's lovely to see the bluebells so no worries about sharing the ones you saw on one of your walks! Both walks took you through some beautiful countryside. You and your good company look happy to have been out and about in the glorious sunshine.

  6. Glorious! Longparish isn't far from me and the test near Romsey is where I do my water vole surveys. Harewood forest is meant to be very good for butterflies. It's on my list :-). You have a lovely smile x

  7. Oh, I'm so envious of your lovely weather--we've been much colder than normal with lots of rain, Jan. Your photos are so pretty--especially the bluebell fields. Enjoyed reading about that monument, too--such an interesting history you have over there in England :)

  8. Two lovely and very different walks. Your photos are wonderful. I love the black sheep and lambs and the trees along the river on your first walk and the yellow rapeseed fields and blue bells on your second walk. Looks as if you enjoyed sitting and enjoyng the sun after both walks too:)

  9. hello Jan, It's ages since I have read any blogs and so I have been catching up with your goings on today. I love the Walk in the Rain blanket you are making (what is that funny thing you display them on ) and the blue and yellow one in 22nd april post is really pretty. Lovely to see all your photographs they are stunning as always - you have a real talent for photography.
    I have missed walking since my hip has been bad and despite the pain killers it has been getting worse recently. I hope they will decide to operate before much longer. Never mind I can look at yours and I see places we recall from our walks down there too.
    Love Helen xx

  10. Two lovely walks! A great collection of photos too.

  11. We had some lovely weather last weekend too. I always love walking along by the Test it is a wonderful river. The colours in your photos are fantastic from the fresh green, to the amazing blue of the bluebells, and the bright yellow of the rape seed! It is very unusual to find such a large monument within a wood. I am familiar with Elfrida from her Corfe castle connection but I didn't know about the rest of her story, thank you for sharing. Sarah x